Revolutionizing security Detection

Revolutionizing security Detection

Innovating with Customers in Mind

ScanTech is an international leader in advanced screening solutions and threat detection.

ScanTech was founded on the principles of innovation, emerging technology, and machine learning expertise. ScanTech specializes in developing advanced screening technology that provides the most accurate and fastest detection of prohibited materials.
ScanTech’s continuous innovations provide security professionals with enhanced screening procedures and detection capabilities delivering fast accurate detection of complex threats.

  • Developed ‘Fixed-Gantry’ CT checkpoint system
  • Invented Ray-Trace Biopsy™ an innovative next generation technology that improves the automated identification and detection of explosive threats
  • Developed a core algorithmic Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that leverages machine learning for continual performance improvements


Our Goal is to use our talent, innovation, and resources to engineer, design and manufacture state-of-the art scanning systems to make the world a safer place.


To be the catalyst that redefines the boundaries of scanning technology for the Transportation, Aerospace, and Defense industries leading to superior value and support for our customers, community, and global environment. Join us

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Executive Team​

Dolan Falconer

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dolan has over 25 years of nuclear industry experience in the management of engineering projects for private industry and the federal government.  Prior to co-founding ScanTech, Dolan co-founded and served as Executive Vice President of Parallax, Inc., a private, closely held environmental and nuclear engineering company.   

Rocky Starns

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Rocky has over thirty (30) years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience in manufacturing and engineering in two Fortune 50 corporations and several privately held entrepreneurial companies.   An Alfred P. Sloan Fellow of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, Rocky has served in leadership positions including CEO of Tano Automation, CEO of Renishaw, Inc. and General Manager with The Square D Company.

Dr. Chris Green

Vice President of Engineering

Dr. Alfred Forbes

Vice President of Science & Technology

Patti Bloom, M.S.


ScanTech Identification Beam Systems Compliance

ScanTech’s CT (computed tomography) inspection systems are specifically designed to provide materially better and faster detection of hazardous and contraband materials, thereby increasing processing efficiency resulting in reduced costs, increased confidence, and greater peace of mind for visitors to public and private facilities. SENTINEL® CT, ScanTech’s fourth generation system, is designed to inspect airline carry-on luggage. The system can specifically and automatically discriminate threatening and non-threatening materials and contraband such as TNT, C-4, fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, etc. Incorporating fixed-gantry CT architecture, the system complies with both U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) requirements for carry-on baggage inspection systems. SENTINEL® CT is certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) for Safety and Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) and TSA’s Tier-2 Explosive Detection Standard.