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ScanTech understands the need to provide superior technology which improves the checkpoint experience. Our systems are designed with the most exceptional level of efficiency and effectiveness for airports and other security applications. SENTINEL® CT systems are tailored to optimize threat and contraband detection while reducing false alarms leading to fewer traveler interruptions and a more expedited passenger experience.

Checkpoint baggage screening systems must be highly accurate, easy to integrate, easy to operate, easy to maintain and cost-effective. SENTINEL® CT exceeds these goals and objectives for both passengers and checkpoint operators. Our X-ray technologies are scalable and constructed to detect emerging threats with tomorrow’s technology.


Check Point Baggage Inspection System

SENTINEL® CT checkpoint baggage inspection system is a 4th generation platform that utilizes an exclusive automatic material discrimination process to create multiple material discrimination ‘signatures’ to identify substances and articles of interest.   ScanTech employs a multi-axes biopsy approach to interrogate items utilizing its proprietary CT based 3D Ray-Trace Biopsy suite of algorithms. Scanned baggage and articles are first segmented into numerous ‘areas of interest’ followed by projecting granular volumetric biopsies from multiple and unique planar axes to determine if a known threat signature is present. If a 3D biopsy determines the examined area is a potential threat, additional biopsies are created to validate the threat signatures and create a visible colored boundary and alarm denoting the threat type and location. Threatening & non-threatening items and materials are clearly identified, color-coded, and annunciated on an Ultra-High Definition monitor. In addition, the system operator can manipulate and enhance the scanned images to pinpoint the location of any threat or contraband item for security support personnel intervention.

3D Ray-Trace Biopsy

New 3D Ray-Trace Biopsy technology gives SENTINEL® CT the most effective detection of threats and other contraband with some of the lowest false alarm rates in the industry. 3D Ray-Trace Biopsy leverages volumetric radiometric data to accurately detect threats and reduce false alarms without the need for shape recognition leading to a best-in-class reduction in false alarms


25.5 (W) x 16.75 (H) inches  or 647.7 (W) x 425.45 (H) mm


131 (L) x 59 (W) x 65.3 (H) inches  or  3327.4 (L) x 1498.6 (W) x 1658.62 (H) mm / (max weight 4500 lbs or 2041 kg)


120 or 240 VAC +10%/-15%; 50/60HZ; 3 kVAmax (USA); Other International electrical requirements are also available


Fixed-Gantry CT with Four (4) independent scanning planes yielding Three (3) discrete dissection Axes:   

  •  Axis #1 – Perpendicular to the Belt;  
  •  Axis #2 – Off-Angle down the Belt viewed from Entrance;  
  •  Axis #3 – Off-Angle down the Belt viewed from Exit


Automated Material Discrimination (color-coded and annunciated)


35 mm of steel


800+ bags/parcels per hour


Four 80 to 170kV X-ray monoblocks (hermetically sealed)

SENTINEL® CT Scanned Images

The SENTINEL CT Scanned Image

**Images above feature simulated explosives and weapons**


SENTINEL® ATCT is an Advanced Technology Computed Tomography (CT) Checkpoint Inspection System. Employing ‘Fixed-Gantry’ CT architecture, SENTINEL® ATCT is ideally configured for scanning carry-on or cabin baggage. This model provides operators four HD projection views of scanned items.  SENTINEL® ATCT is designed to comply with both U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) requirements. Sentinel® ATCT is UL Certified, TSA Tier II Certified and has been deployed in U.S. airports for operational testing.


The SENTINEL® ATMV is an Advanced Technology (AT) X-ray Checkpoint Inspection System. Ideally configured for scanning small parcels, handbags, carry-on or cabin baggage, SENTINEL® ATMV is configurable, providing operators from two, three or four views of items being scanned. The SENTINEL® ATMV is designed to comply with both U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) requirements.

ALL SECURE® Multi-Energy Cargo Inspection Systems

For large cargo applications, ScanTech has designed and developed its high-energy ALL SECURE® scanning system utilizing Quad-Energy 3-10MeV X-ray generators. In this advanced material discriminating inspection system, X-rays are generated from Electron Beam Accelerators that pulse four (4) different X-ray energy spectrums between 3MeV to 10MeV. ScanTech’s Advanced Multi-Energy inspection technology with proprietary QUADRAD Multi-Energy Material Discrimination is the most advanced inspection technology of its type in the world. Using multi-energy X-Ray physics with variable energy propagation from multiple X-Ray sources, ScanTech ALL SECURE® automatically locates, detects, identifies, and differentiates materials of interest hidden inside large cargo containers. ALL SECURE® can detect nuclear & radioactive materials, drugs, weapons, explosives, and other forms of contraband.
ALL SECURE® Cargo Inspection System
In summary, SENTINEL® and ALL SECURE® scanning systems are engineered to automatically locate, discriminate, and identify threat materials and items of interest at checkpoints in airports, seaports, borders, embassies, corporate headquarters, government & commercial buildings, factories, processing plants, and other facilities where terrorism and prohibited items are a possibility. Whether the scanned target is sheet explosives inside baggage or harmful material inside a 14-inch thick steel container, ScanTech has inspection systems that can project through the barrier to detect, identify, precisely locate, and discriminate materials of interest inside. From suitcases, briefcases, and packages to 53-foot ISO shipping/transport containers and semi tractor-trailer rigs, ScanTech has a non-intrusive inspection solution to meet Homeland Security needs and requirements.