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Addressing Today’s Threats with Tomorrow’s Technology

Computed Tomography Checkpoint Baggage Inspection Systems

Addressing Today’s Threats with Tomorrow’s Technology


Why Choose Us?

ScanTech’s Advanced SENTINEL® CT Inspection Systems

 are specifically designed to provide materially better & faster detection of illicit materials & other items of interest. 

SENTINEL® CT increases checkpoint capabilities & processing efficiency resulting in the most

accurate material discrimination & high throughput for superior checkpoint performance.

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Sentinel® CT

The Sentinel® CT

Automated detection of liquid and chemical explosives and IEDs while in the bag improves carryon baggage screening and passenger throughput

Superior image quality with “few-view” 3D computed tomography

Flexibility and scalability accommodate diverse checkpoint configurations

Advanced threat detection algorithms significantly improve explosive detection while reducing false alarms and the diversion of baggage for hand searches

Superior threat detection at lowest false alarm rates

Modular scalable plug-and-play design using robust platform for improved reliability, maintainability and scalability


Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff provides you access and support 24/7/365


SENTINEL® CT Specifications


Discover our TSA and
UL Certified CT Platform


ScanTech’s global reach includes strategic partners internationally

Refined & Advanced Computed Tomography Methodology with ‘Fixed-Gantry’  Architecture

The SENTINEL® CT scanner incorporates four (4) pairs of fixed-mounted integrated & interlaced multi-energy X-ray generators & detector arrays.  SENTINEL® CT interrogates the contents within a bag utilizing 3D Ray-Trace Biopsy™ Computed Tomography to dissect items & materials of interest. Four (4) different angular perspectives are displayed from three (3) unique and discrete dissection axes significantly improving overall detection capabilities. 

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